If you have left an item on a Delta flight or at the airport, it is an unpleasant experience. However, with Delta airlines lost and found you can get your item back. Thanks to its quick and efficient services to assist you. All you have to do is to stay up with the reporting of your missing or lost items and Delta will promptly work to make its way back to you.

In this account, we have converted necessary information that will help you find your bag lost with Delta. It also guides you to follow the specific steps to recover your items. It is important to report on time to enhance the chances and speed to recover the same. So, let’s begin.

What to Do if I Have Lost Items on a Delta Flight?

If you realize immediately after deboarding that you have lost items on a Delta flight, you can -

  • Return to your seat and look for the item
  • Inform a flight helper about it.

So, be relaxed if you have any issues with your item on the airline. The customer service representative can help you with this. Thus, it is important to have your file reference number handy. And make the executives help you assist better and quicker.

How to Recover Items Lost at the Airport?

There are different spots at the airport and security checkpoints where you might leave your item. To find your item left at any of these places, you have to follow a different approach. Let’s discuss each Delta lost and found method here.

Items lost at the airport

  • In a Delta Sky Club airport lounge
    • Contact the airport instantly
    • Request to transfer to the lounge
    • Share the lost item’s details
    • Also inform about the time, date, your seating place, etc. in the lounge
  • Past the security area
    • Returning is not allied after you have exited.
    • So, visit Delta’s Baggage Claim area for help.
  • After entering the airport
    • Move to Delta’s Arrival Gate.
    • Wade through the queue ahead and inform others about the loss of your item.
    • Inform the Gate Agent and share seat number.
    • If there is no one at the desk, request a crew member for help.
  • If you left the airport
    • Call the airport. You can also call the Delta airlines lost and found department/ Delta Office at the airport.
    • Convey your issue.
    • Alternatively, submit an online claim.
  • In or around the airport facility
    • Contact the airport’s Lost and Found Department if you left something in the airport terminal.
    • Request the location from the information desk.

Items lost at TSA

Approach TSA’s Lost and Found Desk (different from Delta Lost and Found Desks).

Call the TSA at 866-289-9673 or visit its official website.

How to Submit a Delta Baggage Claim?

You can submit a Delta airlines lost and found claim for your baggage and also for one that is delayed or damaged. Simply fill an online form.

Here are the simple and quick steps to follow -

  • In the form, refer to the File Reference Number that the Baggage Service Center at the Airport provides you.
  • Make sure that you have also shared supporting documents, thereby easing and speeding up the overall process of claim.
  • To complete the claim form, share the details on your itinerary and the item that needs to be recovered.
  • Enter your first name, last name, and the File Reference Number in the form.

For already submitted mishandled baggage claims, you can use the same form to upload documents, if required.

Please note

An 8-10 digit alphanumeric code is your file reference number. It is in the information folder that you get when reporting a baggage delay or damage.

How to Fill the Lost and Found Form at Delta?

Here are quick steps to fill Delta airlines lost and found form -

  • Select the item category, its color, and size.
  • Mention the brand of the item lost.
  • Provide its -
    • Serial Number
    • Unique Identifier
  • Mention the date of losing the item.
  • Share any other details of the item that will help you find it faster.
  • Share your contact and trip details.

Now, let the airline search your item. Once found, the airline will deliver it to the address shared.

How to Report a Delayed Baggage?

To report a delayed baggage at Delta lost and found, here are the steps that you should follow -

  • If your baggage is delayed, contact a representative at the airline and notify him/her about the same.
  • The representative will give you a file reference number.
  • Use it to initiate claims.
  • Alternatively, you can inquire about your items with your file reference number.

Please note

Has it been over 12 hours after you have reported the official baggage service for your first or second paid checked bag delay? Then, you might get a rebate on your bag fee.

How to Get a Delayed Bag Fee Rebate?

To know about getting a rebate on a delayed bag fee, please go through the points mentioned below.

For more information, you can simply call on the Delta Airlines lost and found phone number - 800-325-8224, or 404-209-3043. However, let’s first look into the following pointers about it.

  • If you have a paid checked bag with Delta, you may qualify for a rebate. It is provided as an electronic travel voucher (ETCV) for your payment. You can use it to travel in the future with Delta Airlines.
  • To get this rebate, you should have your delayed bag already paid. You will get an ETCV per paid delayed piece.
  • The airline will send you rebates on your email.

In a nutshell, you can be relaxed if any of your baggage is lost, delayed, or even damaged while traveling on a Delta Airlines flight. You are covered with Delta airlines lost and found. So, if you find yourself in any such situation, follow the tips mentioned above and stay worry free.


How long does the Delta airline search for an item lost?

For a period of almost 14 days, Delta invests in a thorough search for an item, after you have raised a complaint for the item lost. The air;line will notify you through an email about the status of the search for your item.

How does Delta inform you if your lost item is found?

Once the airline locates an item that matches what you described and shared any documents/proofs about, Lost & Found Central will send you an email or call you. Once it is verified that the item is yours, the airline arranges its delivery so that it can reach you.

Does Delta keep me updated with the status of my lost item search?

Yes, And throughout the search process, you will stay updated via email.

Once you file your lost item report, Delta’s Lost & Found Central sends you an email. If an item is found as per your item’s description, you get an email about it. You will also be notified to confirm if it is yours.

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