Do you wish to take off with your four-legged furry baby? Well, you must choose Delta Airlines as your travel companion if you wish to ensure a comfortable flight experience with your pet. However, you must explore Delta Airlines pet policy in advance to know all the guidelines for a smooth journey.

Delta Airlines pet policy - Go on an incredible journey with your furry companion!

Delta Airlines believes that each member of the family deserves to fly in the sky, even if it is your pet. Therefore, it offers a comprehensive pet policy. From curious whiskers to wagging tails, the airline understands that your fur buddies are important to you. Therefore, plan a trip with Delta Airlines, and fly smoothly with your pet. For more details about the airline’s pet policy, read below.

Main highlights of Delta Airlines pet policy

Before making a booking for your pet, you need to learn about the airline’s policy to avoid any unwanted hassle. Review all the points related to the Delta Airline pet policy in detail, and ensure a smooth travel experience with your furry friend.

  • Delta allows small cats, dogs, and household birds in the cabin. However, there will be a small one-way fee that will be collected at check-in.
  • Moreover, pets can travel on both domestic and international flights with Delta Airlines.
  • The fees to take your pet on the flight will vary depending upon whether your pet is traveling as a carry-on or you are shipping your pet with Delta Cargo.
  • However, you must know that as per the pet policy of Delta Airlines, the airline doesn’t accept pets as checked bags.
  • Delta also allows service animals in the cabin for eligible flyers.
  • However, the airline only permits dogs as service animals.
  • Furthermore, make sure to confirm the booking for your pet in advance, as the airline accepts animals on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Keep all these important points in mind for a hassle-free experience with the airline.

Delta Airlines carry-on pets - Get needed details!

Small cats, dogs, and household birds can fly in the cabin. However, there will be a small fee for the same. Moreover, your pet must fit into a ventilated and small pet carrier according to Delta Airlines in cabin pet policy. Furthermore, you have to place this pet kennel under the seat. Read below to learn more about the carry-on pets with the airline.

Carry-on pets guidelines

  • For domestic flights, your pet should be at least 10 weeks old.
  • However, the age of your pet should be at least 16 weeks if you are flying to the United States from another country.
  • If you are traveling to the European Union with your pet, then the age of your furry friend must be at least 15 weeks old.
  • Moreover, only one pet is permitted per kennel.
  • Pets in kennels will count as your carry-on item. Therefore, you can bring one personal item on the flight in addition to a pet carrier.
  • However, for active U.S. Military, the airline accepts animals as checked baggage according to Delta Airlines military pet policy.

Carry-on pet kennel guidelines

  • The pet should comfortably fit under the pet kennel without protruding from the sides.
  • Moreover, the pet carrier should be leak-proof and have proper ventilation on its three sides.
  • Furthermore, it should fit under the seat in your front.
  • However, the dimension of the pet carrier will vary depending upon your seat, but the maximum dimensions that suit all aircraft are 18” x 11” x 11”.
  • Get in touch with the airline agent to check out the dimensions of the pet kennel.
  • As per pet policy of Delta, your furry friend should stay inside the kennel throughout the flight.

Carry-on pet fees

As mentioned, you will have to pay a specific fee to confirm the reservation for your pet. The fee for taking your pet on the flight is-

To/ From Destination

Checked pet fee

U.S./ U.S. Virgin Islands/ Puerto Rico/ Canada

$95-$125 USD/ CAD


$75 USD


$200 USD/ CAD/ EUR

Please note that you will have to pay the EUR amount to exit Europe and CAD amount to exit Canada. As per Delta Airlines international pet policy, these charges are compulsory to bring your pets on the flight.

Carry-on pet booking

To arrange travel for your pet, you need to make sure that all the above requirements are met. To confirm the booking, get in touch with the Delta reservations desk and book tickets seamlessly to bring your pet onboard. If you are traveling on flights operated by Delta partners, you must go through the pet policy of the particular airline. 

Contact Delta Airlines pet policy customer service phone number to learn more about the airline’s pet policy.

Carry-on pet check-in

Once you have made a booking with the airline, the next step is to check in your pet. Visit the Special Service Counter available at the airport to complete the check-in process with ease. The Delta representative at the counter will make sure that your furry friend meets all the requirements. Pay the required pet fee, and ensure a safe take-off with your pet.

Moreover, you will get the cabin pet tag. After that, go to the security checkpoint. Here you will have to take your pet out of the kennel. According to the Delta pet travel policy, your pet will stay in the carrier at the airport apart from designated relief areas and security checkpoints.

Ship Your Pet with Delta Cargo

Do you have a large pet that is unable to fit in the pet kennel in the seat available in your front? Worry not because you can transfer your pet with Delta Cargo. Use the special shipping service of the airline, which is Delta Cargo. This specialized shipping service provides reliable, safe, and year-round transportation. Here are some of the points that you need to know.

  • Apart from Delta Airlines booking, you have to make a separate booking for your pet.
  • However, there is no guarantee that your pet will ship on the same flight schedule as yours.
  • When you ship your pet on Cargo, you have to drop your pet at the drop-off location at least 3 hours before the flight departure.
  • Moreover, you also have to pick up the pet at the Delta Cargo location.
  • As per the Delta domestic pet policy, to ship pets on the Delta Cargo, you can’t make a booking until 14 days before departure.
  • From known shipping companies, Delta Cargo allows only international pet shipments.
  • The health certificate of the pet is needed to ship them on Delta Cargo.

To ensure smooth shipping of your pet, keep these points in mind.

Summing it up

Ready to take your furry friend up high in the air? Know all the required guidelines, and take your pet hassle-free in the air. Delta understands that your pet is your best friend, and you can’t leave them alone at home while exploring new places. Therefore, it offers the comprehensive Delta Airlines pet policy that has been laid down for your and your pet's convenience. To confirm travel with your pet, give a call at the phone number of the airline. Make a pet booking and travel stress-free.

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