Are you planning to travel on a Delta Airlines flight but wondering about the Delta airlines seat selection process and rules? Relax. Here, we have compiled the required information to help you with selecting your seats with the airline. So, when you will be booking your flight tickets, you will be having a clear idea of seat selection.

And even if you are done with the booking and have missed selecting your preferred seats, worry not. Delta Airlines allows its passengers to select their seats after booking their flight tickets. So, go through the account below and know the way to select your seat easily and the related details.

Let’s begin.

What are the Delta Airlines Flight Seat Selection Rules?

Your ticket type determines the Delta airlines flight seat selection. The higher the ticket fare, the easier it is to select your much-preferred seat on Delta. Let’s look at each ticket type one by one -

Basic Economy

If you have purchased basic economy tickets, the airline doesn’t allow you to select seats. However, you will get a seat that Delta assigns, once you check-in. So, be prepared to sit separately on the flight when you are going for this ticket type.

Please note

  • Seat change is not allowed.
  • Not allowed to upgrade.
  • Last to board the flight

Main Cabin/ Regular Economy

This travel class allows you to go for Delta airlines seating selection on a complimentary basis. Additionally, you can go for an upgrade and be seated on your chosen ones or Delta Comfort Plus seats.

Premium Select

You enjoy seating on bigger seats that recline well, thereby offering you optimum comfort. Premium Select facilitates you with -

  • Earlier boarding
  • Free seat selection within the cabin
  • Two free checked bags

First Class and Delta One

These are the top two travel classes of Delta Airlines. If you have any of these tickets, you can select a seat for free within your cabin. Both these ticket types offer you -

  • Priority boarding
  • Two free checked bags
  • Premium snacks and meals
  • A dedicated flight attendant.

An Overview of Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy!

The topmost priority before making seat selection is to get through the seat selection policy of Delta Airlines. Nobody would like to sit in the congested seats during the trip. So if you are also the one who wants to choose the window or aisle seats, it would be best to learn the seat selection policy of Delta.

Here are the highlights;

  • You are permitted to choose your desired seats at the time of booking, after the reservation, and during check-in.
  • The airline gives you three options while making seat selection; Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Preferred seats. You can choose one of them as per your preferences and requirements.
  • Delta Airlines will only assign you the seats while checking in to the flight as per the Delta seat selection policy.
  • The seat selection will be based on the availability of seats. So you must choose the seats as soon as possible to sit on your favourite seats.
  • Ensure that you will not be able to change or refund the seats after the selection. If you still change the seat, the airline will not refund it.

Do you still have any queries regarding Delta seat selection policy? If yes, then we recommend connecting with one of the airline’s travel agents. They will always feel glad to help you no matter what.

How Can I Select a Seat on Delta Airlines?

You can make a Delta airlines seat selection both online and offline. Let’s see both.

Online Method

The airline will ask you to select your seats during booking before checkout.

To help you select your seats online, follow the steps mentioned below -

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Enter your departure and destination cities.
  • Select your trip type as well as number of passengers.
  • Click the Select Seat button.
  • The screen will redirect you to a seat map.
  • Select your preferred seat.
  • Complete the payment.

Once the process is complete, the airline will send you a confirmation email.

Offline Method

To select your seat offline, connect with a customer service representative at 1800 123 6645. Convey your details and choose your preferred seats. The executive will get the seats for you. Make the payment and get ready to travel on your selected seats.

Please note

If you have made the booking, you can make a Delta airlines seat selection change in My Trips and during check-in.

What is the Cost of Delta Airlines Seat Selection?

When it comes to the amount that you have to shell out for a seat selection, know that -

  • The cost of seat selection is $15 (approx.) per seat if you choose it 7 days before the scheduled departure of your flight. However, the cost varies as per your ticket type.
  • You can also wait till the check-in begins to get free seats.

Can You Select Your Seats on Delta in Advance?

Yes, you can make your seat selection on Delta flights before the scheduled departure. It is applicable on flights that operate within the US and Canada, from the US to international routes.

It is important to go for Delta airlines select seats or else it gets unavailable after the check-in closes or 3 hours before departure.

Please note

  • Delta doesn’t allow you to transfer the seats chosen to a new itinerary or flight.
  • The seats selected are non-changeable and non-refundable.

In a nutshell, Delta Airlines offers a host of ticketing choices to its passengers. From basic economy travel class to main cabin ticket holders, all types of tickets are considered for selecting their preferred seats.

If you have joined Delta’s SkyMiles program, be assured to enjoy complimentary access to their preferred seats. They can also get upgraded to higher travel classes as per their Delta airlines seat selection according to their status level.

Can you Upgrade Seats on Delta Airlines?

Sometimes, you may need to upgrade your seats on Delta Airlines. If you are also thinking about the same, check out the information below to know whether the seat upgradation is allowed on Delta or not.

Passengers are allowed to upgrade seats, except Basic Economy. Since the airline doesn’t allow passengers to upgrade seats to Basic Economy.

Here are the instructions to upgrade Delta seats.

  • First, access the airline’s official website.
  • And then go to the My Trips section.
  • Now, type in the booking confirmation code and the last name of the passenger and access the flight details.
  • After that, choose the check-in option and check whether the upgrade option is displaying.
  • Choose one of the seating options as per your needs.
  • Finally, you need to pay the charges for upgrading the seats.

To get more information regarding upgrading seats, go to the airline’s official website or speak with one of the airline’s agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pick your seats on Delta?

Yes, you can select your desired seat on Delta Airlines while making a flight booking or after confirming it.

Does Delta charge to choose seats?

To choose your seat in advance with Delta Airlines, you need to pay an additional amount. However, the seat selection fee of the airline is minimal.

How do I check my seat on Delta flight?

One can view, book, or change their seats through the seat map of the airline. Open the seat map when booking flight tickets, through the “My Trips,” or during the check-in procedure.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Go to the “My Trips” section on the official site of the airline, and enter your flight details to retrieve your booking information. Choose the “Seat Selection” option, and follow the prompts to reserve your desired seat.

Will Delta seat my family together?

Delta Airlines will try to seat your family together upon request, but there is no guarantee. It totally depends upon the seat availability. To ensure seating with your family, reserve your seats in advance.

Is it worth paying for seat selection?

Yes, it is worth paying for the seat selection because it ensures seating with your traveling group. Moreover, you will fly more comfortably in your preferred seat.

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