Flying alone can be exciting, but for young flyers, it can be really daunting. They may face various issues during their trips. But with Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor program, they can have the utmost fun in the air.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor - A Dream For Young Flyers!

Flying alone can be exciting, but for young flyers, it can be really daunting. They may face various issues during their trips. But with Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor program, they can have the utmost fun in the air. If your kid is traveling alone for the first time, worry not. The airline promises to provide special care and attention to all its young flyers.

When children fly with Delta, it makes sure that all of them are comfortable and have a refreshing travel experience. Explore the unaccompanied minor program carefully to ensure an amazing trip for your kids.

Can kids fly alone as unaccompanied minors on Delta?

Yes, kids from 5 to 14 years can fly alone on Delta Airlines. The airline allows young flyers to board the flight and take on their journey of dreams. Moreover, the airline promises to keep them entertained and safe throughout the flight. However, you have to submit some documents to book tickets for your kid. There is no better choice than Delta for sending your little one alone on the flight.

Important points to note

Before sending your young one alone on the flight, you must know certain points for a hassle-free experience.

  • Kids of 4 years or younger are not eligible to travel with Delta Airlines.
  • Minors between 5 and 14 years can fly alone as per the Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.
  • Moreover, these kids can travel only on nonstop flights.
  • This beneficial service is optional for kids from 15 to 17 years.
  • To book your kid’s tickets under this policy, you will have to pay $150 as an extra fee.
  • An adult should be there to drop off and pick up the kid at the airport.
  • To know anything about this service, connect with the airline executives.

In short, the age requirement for an unaccompanied minor on Delta Airlines are-

What is the age requirement for an unaccompanied minor on Delta?

If you are ready to send your kid on the flight with Delta, you should know that the airline has certain restrictions. Check out the following table to know at what age your kid is eligible to fly with Delta Airlines.

Child Age

Travel Permitted or Not

Unaccompanied minor fee

4 years and younger

Not Permitted


5-7 years

Fly only on nonstop flights

$150 each way, and covers up to 4 kids

8-14 years

Fly on nonstop and connecting flights

$150 each way, and covers up to 4 kids

15-17 years (Optional)

Fly on nonstop and connecting flights

$150 each way, and covers up to 4 kids


What is the unaccompanied minor fee with Delta Airlines?

The fee to use this program is USD/CAD/EUR 150 each way. This Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor fee applies to both domestic and international travel on nonstop and connecting flights. However, you should know that this fee is in addition to the ticketed adult fare.

If you choose to enroll your kid in this program, then the fee is mandatory. Moreover, $150 covers up to 4 kids, such as siblings who are flying together. Furthermore, one can pay the fee either during check-in at the airport or by calling the airline in advance.

How to book an unaccompanied ticket?

Get in touch with the reservation desk of the airline to confirm the flight booking for your little one. One of the Delta representatives will connect with you over the call. Share the details on behalf of your child, and the agent will assist you immediately with the booking procedure. After that, you will receive a 4-digit PIN configuration. Use that pin to make changes to the current reservation. Moreover, you can clear all your doubts regarding your kid’s journey with the help of executives. So dial Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor phone number now for a hassle-free experience.

What documents are needed for unaccompanied minors?

When you arrive at the airport to drop off your kid, you need to submit some relevant documents to confirm their travel. Moreover, the agent at the ticket counter will help you complete the process easily. At the ticket counter, the agent will give the wristband to your kid that is necessary to wear throughout the flight. The wristband will track the movement of the kid throughout the flight. Once the documentation is completed, the check-in process will start. To complete the check-in following documents are needed.

  • An ID proof
  • Contact details of the parent or the guardian
  • The address proof
  • The details of the person who will receive unaccompanied minors at the destination airport

Keep all these documents handy to complete the booking and the check-in process within no time.

Unaccompanied Minor Journey - Know the Whole Process!

Parents get anxious when they have to send their children alone on a flight. But if they choose Delta as their kids’ travel partner, they don’t have to worry at all. Let’s check out the whole process of sending your kid on the flight.

  • Booking for the little one

Firstly, parents or guardians will have to confirm the booking for the kid. For this, they need to connect with airline executives over call and share the requested details. For any special needs, inform the airline executives in advance. You can also ask about the baggage policy for unaccompanied minors on Delta Airlines.

  • Prepare for the flight

Talk to your child about their travel with the airline, and tell them to be comfortable on the flight. Moreover, familiarize them with flight attendants, and let them have an enjoyable flight experience. Furthermore, you must pack their favorite games, books, or snacks for the flight. Ensure to attach the ID card with important contact information on their carry-on bag.

  • Needed check-in documents

Get the wristband for your child at the check-in counter, and ask little ones to wear it throughout the flight. Some important documents that are needed at the check-in counter are

  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Photo ID proof

Moreover, you have to provide the details of the adult coming to the destination airport to pick up the kid.

  • Boarding and takeoff

One of the flight attendants will take the child from the departure gate. After that, kids are seated in the front of the aircraft to stay near the flight attendants.

  • Pick-up

Have you made Delta Airlines booking for your kid? Well, you should also know that there are some rules for child pick-up as well. Guardians or parents have to be at the destination airport at least 2 hours before departure. The flight attendants will verify the details of the person coming to pick up the child and then release the kid.

What does Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor include?

The unaccompanied minor program of the airline has been designed to make sure that young flyers feel comfortable and safe throughout the flight. The service includes various amenities for the convenience of little ones. The unaccompanied minor program of Delta Airlines includes-

  • Dedicated flight attendants - There will be a flight attendant with kids throughout the flight. They will ensure that kids are comfortable while flying high in the air.
  • Meals and snacks - Kids will also receive complimentary snacks and meals during the trip. The flight attendants will give them food whenever they are hungry.
  • Baggage assistance - The flight attendants of Delta will help kids with their baggage during their journey.
  • Priority boarding - Delta Airlines allows kids to enjoy preboarding. The flight attendants will give them priority boarding passes, and they will be escorted to the gate.
  • Assistance with connecting flights - If your child has a connecting flight, the Delta agents will make sure that they are safely escorted to the flight.
  • In-flight entertainment - Children flying alone will also have access to the entertainment system. They can watch their favorite shows and play their favorite games on the flight.

Bottom line

Is your little flying alone for the first you? Are you really scared? Worry not because Delta has made young flyers' travel simpler. Book tickets for your kids without any hassle, and let them enjoy their solo travel to the fullest. Get in touch with travel experts now to confirm the reservation seamlessly.

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