It is common for travel plans to change and even cancel at times. After all, unexpected situations come all of a sudden and you have to attend to those. Understanding this Delta Airlines has designed a smart cancellation policy. Moreover, the Delta Airlines cancellation policy gives you flexibility for convenient travel.

So, if you have to cancel your trip with Delta, go through the account that follows and learn more about the cancellation guidelines, methods, fees, and more.

What is the Delta Cancellation Policy?

If you have a Delta Airline booking but have to cancel it, count on its cancellation policy, designed in a customer-friendly way. For your reference, here are the policy highlights -

  • You will receive a full refund after cancelling your refundable flight tickets to get a full refund.
  • If you have a Trip Protection Plan, you must cancel your booking within 15 days of your plan purchase. You will then receive a full refund of your premium.
  • As per your ticket type, Delta will charge a certain fee while canceling your reservation.
  • The remaining value of your ticket will be sent to you in the form of eCredit. You can use it for your future bookings.
  • Delta will not charge any cancellation fee for Main Cabin tickets and travel originating from the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and Canada.
  • Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for refunds.
  • You can request a refund if your flight is canceled or delayed by the airline.

Please note

Ensure to go through the cancellation and refund policy for non-refundable tickets to avoid any issues.

  • Tickets not cancelled before departure don’t have remaining value. 
  • To cancel your SkyMiles award tickets, get in touch with the Delta representative. 
  • If you cancel your booking made with Miles + Cash, miles are credited to your account. The airline returns cash that is equivalent to miles. 

Does Delta Have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, Delta Airline has designed a 24-hour cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your booking for a full refund. This 24-hour is a risk-free period as all ticket types can get a refund on cancelation, without any charges.

Tickets included in this risk-free period are Basic Economy fares and those purchased from the airline’s website directly as well as the Fly Delta app.

How Can I Cancel My Delta Airlines Ticket?

You can easily cancel a Delta flight booking through online or offline methods at your convenience. Cancel your ticket before your flight’s departure. If you don’t, your tickets won’t have any remaining value.

Now, let’s take a quick look at both methods one by one.

Through the Official Website,

  • Find Your Trip or Log In.
  • Go to the My Trips option.
  • Choose the trip you have to cancel
  • Select the button - ‘Need to Cancel?’
  • Hit the ' Start Flight Cancellation’ button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed.

On a Phone Call

You must know what number to call to cancel a Delta flight. So, here is the number and the steps to follow -

  • Dial 800-221-1212.
  • A live executive will get connected with you.
  • Share your flight details required.
  • The executive will cancel your booking.

For a Delta flight reservation cancelation, Medallion® Members must check the Contact Us section in the Fly Delta mobile app for their dedicated phone line. However, SkyMiles members must have their SkyMiles account number handy to expedite their call.

Via the Delta Airlines Mobile App

  • Install the Delta Airlines mobile application.
  • Login/ Sign Up with the email address or phone number, used to register for an account.
  • Press the Menu bar.
  • Choose My Trip.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Retrieve your reservation.
  • Select a flight to cancel.
  • Press the cancel button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

At the Airport

  • Visit the nearest airport.
  • Go to the Delta ticket counter.
  • Request flight cancellation to the customer service executive.
  • Share your needed travel details.
  • The agent cancels your booking.

What is the Delta Flight Cancellation Fee?

When you need to cancel your Delta flight, knowing the cancellation fee is important. Although the airline deducts cancelation charges, you receive the remaining value of your ticket as an eCredit.

Now, go through the table below to know the fee for Delta flight ticket cancelation.

Time Period

Refundable Tickets

Non-refundable tickets

Basic Economy Fares

During the 24-hour cancellation




After the 24-hour cancellation


Remaining value with $0-$400 cancellation fee deducted 

Remaining value with $99-$199 cancellation fee deducted 

Within 24 hours of the scheduled departure


Please note

For the updated cost of Delta flight booking cancelation, get in touch with its customer service team.

How Can I Cancel A Delta Flight For Free?

If you want to know how to avoid the Delta cancelation fee, grab the following smart tips -

  • Opt for the 24-hour risk-free cancellation.
  • Purchase refundable tickets. 
  • Have a Medallion Status.
  • Cancellation fees do not apply to Delta Main Cabin and above tickets for trips -
    • Within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and USVI
    • Originating from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, or the Caribbean to anywhere in the world.
  • Any remaining value becomes an eCredit to use within one year from the purchase date.

So, for a free Delta booking cancelation, use any of the tips mentioned above. However, contact Delta executives to request the fee waiver because the airline has some exceptions.

In Conclusion

Canceling a flight can be frustrating because of the hassle associated with it. But with Delta Airlines, you can cancel your flight booking without much effort. The airline designs a simple policy to help you cancel your reservation at the earliest. So go ahead, and initiate flight cancellation quickly for a peaceful experience with Delta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Delta ticket be refunded after cancelation?

Yes, Delta refunds every ticket type with its 24-hour cancellation policy. However, non-refundable & Basic Economy fares have to pay fees after the 24-hour period.

Can I cancel my flight without being charged by Delta?

To cancel your booking without any charges, cancel your flight within 24 hours of the booking.

What happens if I miss my flight and don't cancel?

The airline will apply the no-show policy if you don’t cancel your reservation in advance and miss your flight. It will forfeit the entire cost of your flight booking.

How do I request a refund after Delta cancellation?

To claim a refund, contact the agents of Delta. Share your cancelled flight details. If you are eligible, the agent initiates your refund. You can also visit the “My Trips” section on its website to request a refund.

How to cancel a Delta flight?

You can cancel your Delta flight via the official site or its mobile app. You can also call the airline or visit the nearest airport.

What is the charge to cancel a Delta flight?

The cancellation fee of Delta Airlines ranges from $0 to $400, according to ticket types & other factors.

Can I cancel my flight last minute?

Passengers of Delta Airlines can cancel their bookings at the last minute if something urgent comes up.

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