A Guide to Delta Flights to Hawaii

Book Delta flights to Hawaii to delight in heavenly environs. If you have a trip to the Aloha State on your cards, count on Delta. As it caters to your budget and requirements of a memorable flight trip, you can choose from varied options to travel from cities as you prefer.

The airline brings you a happening Hawaii experience. To know more, go through the account that follows.

How to Find Cheap Delta Flights to Hawaii?

When traveling, everyone wants to get the cheapest flight fares. A Hawaii trip with Delta is no exception. So, grab tips to fly on a budget and catch Delta flights to Hawaii today for an affordable trip.

Redeem Delta SkyMiles

When you have chosen a flight to travel, check your SkyMiles in Delta account. It will help you book your flight while redeeming those. You can also check your preferred travel dates to get the best rates to redeem. Alternatively, choose the price calendar of the airline.

Count on the Loyalty Program

Delta has several transfer partners if you need a top-up on your loyalty account for a flight redemption.

The airline publishes prices of its award flights through its loyalty program. So, if the flight fares are less, you can grab lower redemption rates. So, you can book trips to Hawaii and also buy tickets for Delta flights while returning from Hawaii to Atlanta easily.

Opt for Deals

Every now and then, the airline offers deals, discounts, and offers along with discounted rates of award redemption. These fares might help you hit a jackpot as you plan a Hawaii trip. You can also book a round-trip to Hawaii at 14,000 SkyMiles. However, you must have flexible travel dates for it along with the existing factors that should go in your favor.

To know more, contact the customer service executive of the airline.

Does Delta Offer Direct Flights to Hawaii?

If you are wondering does Delta fly direct to Hawaii, here are the destinations that Delta serves.

Flights from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii

  • Delta operates to Hawaii directly from -
    • Los Angeles
    • Minneapolis
    • Seattle
  • Moreover, Delta offers direct flights from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, US to Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii, US. Flights on this route take almost 10 hours to complete the journey.
  • You can also book tickets on Delta flights from Salt Lake City to visit Hawaii conveniently.
  • When talking about direct flights from the US to Hawaii, we can’t miss out on the latest addition on the route. As of now, the airline offers nonstop flights between Detroit and Hawaii. Possibly, Delta might offer direct flights from Detroit to Hawaii sometime.
  • Also, Delta Airlines has direct flights from RDU to Hawaii on a regular basis.

Flights to Four Hawaiian Islands

Catering to the four islands, the airline offers nonstop and connecting flights to their respective airports. When there is a connecting flight, Honolulu is the connecting airport. The airports on the islands are -

  • Hilo, Hawaii
  • Honolulu, Oahu
  • Kahului, Maui
  • Kona, Hawaii
  • Lihue, Kauai

So, if you want to explore the most exotic part of Hawaii, catch a Delta flight to Honolulu today and live your dream.

Are there Interisland Delta Flights in Hawaii?

Yes, the airline operates with several flights that are interisland. This makes your island hopping convenient and quick. So, catch any of these flights that help you connect and explore one island of Hawaii from the other. These flights include -

  • Honolulu to -
    • Hilo
    • Kahului
    • Kona
    • Lihue
  • Kahului to -
    • Kona
    • Lihue

How Much Do Delta Flights Cost for a Hawaii Round-trip?

Now you know about the flights that connect Hawaii from various destinations of the U.S. It is good to know how much you have to shell out to travel to Hawaii. Here are the main cabin fares from August 2023 to October 2023.

Take a quick look at Delta flights fares to Hawaii for a round-trip and plan accordingly.

Destinations (From Anchorage, AK (ANC) to)

Round-Trips Fares (Main cabin)

With Money

With Miles and money

Honolulu, HI (HNL)


41,000miles + $11.20

Kahului, HI (OGG)


54,500miles + $11.20

Kona, HI (KOA)


51,500miles + $11.20

Lihue, HI (LIH)


66,000miles + $11.20

Source: https://www.delta.com/us/en/flight-deals/hawaii-flights

Can I Book Hawaii Delta Vacation Packages with Delta?

Yes, you can book Hawaii vacation packages 2023 with Delta Vacations. A venture of Delta Air Lines, Delta Vacations deliver flexible holidays as per your convenience. Get customized packages according to your budget and requirements.

So, when you explore Hawaii with well-designed vacation packages from Delta Vacations, you are in for a treat. Escape to the tropical destination that is Hawaii and visit cosmopolitan cities, beautiful beaches, enjoy hiking, surfing, snorkeling, and much more.

Who Can Book Delta Vacation Packages?

These holiday packages are for SkyMiles Members. When you book these tour packages, you get hotel accommodations, food options, and more than enrich your trip. Here come comprehensive packages that are curated keeping your preferences in mind and considering your pocket.

It is good to book all-inclusive Hawaii vacations that come with airfare and meals to make your holiday memorable.

Why Should I Book Delta Vacation Packages?

Holiday packages by Delta bring a host of benefits that make your vacations more worthwhile. Here are some of the reasons to choose Delta Vacations for your trips.

Budget and Ease

Enjoy affordability and convenience with Delta Vacations. Extended to travelers of Delta Air Lines or Delta's codeshare partner flights, these packages bundle up accommodations, car rentals, guided tours, sightseeing, activities, and much more.

Confident Traveling

Delta vacations understand that things occur. That’s why it keeps you covered. So, be assured of flexible changes and cancellations when required. Moreover, these vacations also offer you travel protection plans to choose from at your convenience. So, if you want to go for Hawaii vacation packages all-inclusive, the process is a breeze. And you also save on individual bookings and cut the hassle of it.

In-Flight Experience

Vacation starts the moment you hop on your flight. So, how can we forget about what Delta flights offer you? From in-flight refreshments to entertainment, Delta makes sure that you have a great experience.

Munch your favorite snacks or sip on the drinks you like while enjoying movies, TV shows, music, and more with Delta Studio. Wi-Fi is also available on the flights. Efficient services add up to your onboard delight. With so much in store, you will feel like traveling with Delta flights to Hawaii in a first class cabin.

24*7 Customer Support

Do you need assistance while selecting a package, booking it, or during your trip? Count on customer service help, available around the clock. So, you are always assisted, right from the package selection to after your trip. The expert travel agents and executives are just a call away to help you with your concerns and queries.

Earn and Use Miles

Since the packages are for vacationers having a SkyMiles membership, they can use their miles to book teh packages and earn more miles for future trips. You can choose from the

best Hawaii vacation packages for couples or families. Who doesn’t like to get bonus miles and even earn a Medallion Status?

Since Hawaii is a dreamy destination, couples flock here for romantic trips. Moreover, people look forward to the pleasurable 4 island trip to indulge in the best of the Hawaiian trip, thanks to the vacation packages designed carefully.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, with Delta flights to Hawaii you have an opportunity to add experiences and stories to your kitty. Incredible flight experience is assured with Delta and Delta Vacations to Hawaii give you stories and memories to cherish.

So, the time to discover Delta Vacations and Delta flight trips to Hawaii is here. Get ready to go beyond the journey with the airline. Book Delta flights to Hawaii now. From flight tickets and accommodation to activities and rental cars, you get all in one experience.

Keen to fly to Hawaii? Delta’s executives and customer service representatives at Deltahighfly are always there to assist you.

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