Do you want to book flight tickets at the lowest possible fares for a trip? Then, count on Delta Economy Class tickets that help you save significantly on your travel. The airline was the first to offer basic economy fares on a select number of routes.

Thereby, the airline enabled travelers to fly with budget constraints. However, you must have firm travel plans to travel with basic economy fares as these are unchangeable and can’t be canceled.

So, learn about the fare type to know if Basic Economy is what you are looking forward to. Here is some important information about the unique value-driven fare by this airline. If you have never booked a basic economy fare before and are wondering what it is, read on.

What to Expect in Delta Economy Class?

With Basic Economy class on Delta Airlines, light packers and solo flyers get a value-added experience. This is suitable for travelers who stick to their travel plans as limited flexibility is provided.

Now, let’s see what Delta basic economy fare class offers.

  • Signature services by Delta
  • Delta Wi-Fi connection to book, change, or check your flight status
  • Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • A seat in the Main Cabin
  • Complimentary in-flight messaging, several movies, shows, and much more on Delta Studio®

Can I Purchase Seats in Delta Basic Economy?

Yes, the restricted basic economy fare allows you to buy Delta seats. However, you must purchase seats in advance to fly on your most preferred ones.

Check out the following pointers to learn more about selecting seats in this travel class.

  • Right now, you can grab seats only for wholly domestic flights through Reservations, Airport Customer Service,, and the FlyDelta App.
  • Pay seat selection fee per seat and per flight segment. It is subject to availability.
  • You can’t purchase preferred seats.

Please note

Amount paid for a seat assignment is non-refundable, non-transferable, and limited to “select seats”.

Are there any Limitations with Delta Basic Economy?

Yes, Although Delta Airlines Economy class offers affordable features and services, you experience certain limitations -

  • Seats are not assigned until you check-in. The airline assigns you random seats at the gate. Also, you might sit away from your travel companions.
  • You are not eligible to get upgrades or purchase a seat.
  • Changes are not allowed for flights originating in the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada.
  • You are the last to board the flight.
  • The airline doesn’t credit you toward SkyMiles Medallion Status, nor do you earn miles.
  • You can’t enter a Delta Sky Club, no matter what the access method is.
  • Cancelable for partial eCredit (cancellation charge applies)
  • You are not eligible for complimentary or paid Preferred Seats; complimentary, discounted, or paid, Delta Comfort+; or same-day standby or same-day confirmed flight changes.

Does Delta Economy Serve Food?

Yes, Delta Airlines serves food in its Economy class that treats you its complimentary treats and non-alcoholic beverages like tea, juice, Starbucks coffee, sodas, or water.

Hot food is provided only when booking is made with Delta One or its First Class.

How Much is the Delta Economy Baggage Allowance?

When traveling on a Delta Airlines flight, economy class travelers should know the baggage allowance. Thereby, avoiding any extra charges for excess baggage and maintaining their travel budget.

Here, take a glance.

Carry-on allowance

Free carry-on and a personal item.

Checked bag allowance

Your destination determines the baggage rules. Here, is an overview.

Domestic flights

Pay $35 for the first checked bag and $45 for the second.

International routes

On flights to Asia, basic economy passengers get one checked bag for free.

Fees (for each direction) begins from $35 to the Caribbean and goes up till $75 to Europe.

Weight restrictions

Basic Economy travelers should stick to the standard 50 lb per piece.

What Fare Class is Basic Economy on Delta?

The Delta basic economy fare class (E booking class) offers a value-for-money option for travelers who want a budget trip. Enjoy the lowest possible fares of Delta with this travel class. However, keep in mind that  you can neither change nor get a booking change or cancellation refund once the risk-free window is over.

Delta Basic Economy vs. Main Cabin

There are three options that Delta offers to its travelers - basic economy, main cabin, and Comfort Plus. So, let’s see the difference between the basic economy class on Delta and its main cabin.

Services/featuresBasic EconomyMain Cabin
Seat selectionsNot allowedAllowed
Change or cancel a ticket Not allowedAllowed
Earn flight rewardsNoYes
Boarding flightLast to boardBefore basic economy passengers

So, while booking a Delta basic economy class, consider the above points.

How Can I Find My Economy Class Code?

To find the basic economy class code, check the third letter of the Fare Code. Alternatively, you can call the teh airline’s custosmer service team to gain information on it. Also, keep in mind that the best way to find the fare rule summary is while booking a trip.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, book your tickets in Delta Economy Class to travel on a tight budget. However, you should accept just basic things while saving. With a basic economy, you can’t change or cancel your booking. Moreover, you have to wait for the airline to assign you random seats.

So, have clarity about what to expect when traveling on Delta's basic economy.


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